I would never have dreamed that breathing can affect us so deeply

Surely there’s no art to breathing? Everyone can breathe! Is that so? I would never have dreamed that breathing can affect us so deeply, or that so many people seem unaware of what happens in the body when you take a breath. After having read 2014?s most important book, i.e. Conscious Breathing, by breathing instructor Anders Olsson, I now have a deeper understanding of how breathing affects me in my daily life.

Conscious Breathing gives its readers a penetrating insight, in an easy to understand and interesting way, into the importance of being conscious of your breathing. Breathing affects your body and mind, both immediately and in the long term.

Olsson, making a stunning debut as a writer, wants you, the reader, to recognise the important differences between, mouth and nose breathing, for example. Sleep quality, stress reduction and being in balance are just some of the other important topics that Olsson elucidates on in The Conscious Breathing.

Blends science with common sense

For example, did you know that you could lose weight just be breathing through your nose, or get rid of tension, or be able to handle pain and anxiety or perform better, “just” through Conscious Breathing?

Olsson tastefully blends together science with common sense and his own experiences. Buy your copy today (find where books are sold) and discover how you can practice conscious breathing!

Niclas Jasson
Ronneby, Sweden


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