What an awakening, that breathing is THAT important

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Thank you for a pleasant and inspirational course. I have stayed at home and had two children over the last couple of years, and it has been about three years since I have done any exercise. Now that both my children go to a nursery, I began thinking about starting to exercise again.

It was when I went for my first jog around Djurgården Park in Stockholm that I realized my whole body was out of sync and nothing worked right. I tried a few more times, but they were just as bad. After my friend Shirin took me to your breathing course, it became painfully obvious that I had totally “lost” my breathing.

I was shocked

When I went for a run, on Monday, my only goal was to breathe rhythmically through my nose. I managed that fairly easily, and it hit me a few times that I was actually going reasonably fast. I would take four steps while breathing in and four steps while breathing out, and it helped my whole body to work rhythmically. To my great pleasure, not only did I not have any lactic acid build up, “stitches,” or uncomfortable breathlessness, I also felt like I could have run another lap after I finished. Who would have known that breathing is SO important? I was actually quite shocked!

As you may understand, I had always been pretty aware and in control of my breathing and body, so I didn’t understand what I was doing wrong. Thank you for helping get me back on track. Of course, I have a lot of work still left to do, but at least, now I know where to start.

Lisa Keyling, 37, model, Stockholm, Sweden
May 2011

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