Lower jaw is back in place and no retainer needed thanks to the Sleep Tape

My 13-year-old daughter Lisa have had an overbite in her jaw and the dentist wanted her to wear braces. We said no thank you to the braces and instead my daughter started to tape her mouth at night. After a while she felt that she couldn’t open her mouth as much as she used to and it was also a bit painful if she tried to open her mouth wide. Her jaw also started to creak sometimes. But she continued to tape her mouth at night, since it felt good, and also to thinking about having her mouth closed during daytime.

The lower jaw have grown to catch up with the upper jaw

After a few months of taping her mouth at night it was time for a new visit to the dentist. Lisa told the dentist about her problems with opening her mouth sometimes and the creaking in her jaw. The dentist replied: – Yes the problems have occured because your lower jaw seems to have grown to catch up with the upper jaw, so there is no need for any braces!!!

It is quite amazing that such a simple thing as taping the mouth at night can lead to such positive results! – I sleep better with the tape on and I don’t want to be without it, says Lisa.

Therese Karlsson
Nova Hälsa, mother of Lisa, 13, Gnosjö, Sweden


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