Excruciating pain from a dog bite was kept at bay with good breathing

I had to break up a dogfight between a German Shepherd and a Doberman. Unfortunately, it didn’t go so well and I was bitten pretty badly on my thigh, arms and hand. There was blood everywhere and it hurt so much I almost fainted. When I was bitten, I couldn’t even breathe. I started hyperventilating and my face went white as a sheet. Almost immediately, I started to breathe through the Relaxator and the pain became much more tolerable. The difference was incredible!

Just to check, I removed the Relaxator when I got to the hospital. The pain became overwhelming at once, and I almost went into shock. So, the Relaxator went straight back into my mouth!

The doctors and nurses were very impressed by the Relaxator when they saw how much it helped me. In all, I spent 3 days at the hospital, and I used the Relaxator almost all of that time.

Sales manager, 
Falun, Sweden


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