Better sleep and more energy after the breathing course

Anders Olsson Testimonials

Before attending the Conscious Breathing course, I never thought I would be able to change the way I breathe! I have had problems with my breathing, sleep, and fitness for as long as I can remember.

Since I attended the course and learned the best way to breathe, I have slept better and become fitter, as I am able to do different kinds of exercise.

The improved breathing technique gives me energy that I have never had before or even knew was possible! My bronchial problems have gotten better, and I don’t get dizzy or out of breath at all anymore.

I can really recommend this course to anyone with sleeping problems, bronchial problems, or lack of energy! I feel so inspired that I’m thinking of taking the breathing instructor course at Anders’ company, Sorena AB!

Kina Enqvist, 40, Oskarström, Sweden
October 2010

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