My back pain and lumbago has NEVER vanished so quickly!

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Every few years I suffer from lumbago, and it really HURTS. I decided to try the Relaxator and Conscious Breathing Retraining as a way to lessen the pain and get better as quickly as possible. My lumbago and pain has NEVER vanished this quickly. I was feeling much better after only two or three days. Normally it takes up to one or two weeks for me to feel better. ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!

I used the Relaxator for about 10-15 minutes, 3-4 times a day when the pain was at its worst. Before getting out of bed (which is excruciating when you’re suffering from lumbago), I would breathe through the Relaxator for around ten minutes. It made me feel relaxed, which was good, because what normally happens when I suffer with lumbago is my whole body becomes tense from the pain. I think that the big difference was that I was able to relax even when the pain was at its worst. Once I’d managed to get out of bed and on with things I tried to maintain the feeling of relaxation that I got after breathing through the Relaxator.

Unbelievable quick


By the second day I was able to go for a 15-minute walk while using the Relaxator, even though I did walk very slowly. In conclusion: relaxing (applying the Conscious Breathing Method) when in pain, and breathing with the Relaxator before starting to move (or even walking slowly with the Relaxator), helped ease my back pain and allowed me to recover unbelievably quickly. The breathing exercises have had other positive results. For example, I didn’t get a cold even when the kids were down with it. I also feel as I have gained an incredible amount of energy and a mental clarity that is difficult to describe, as well as being less susceptible to mood swings.

Charlotte Blivik, conversational- and stresstherapist and mother of five, 42, Lyckeby, Sweden
June 2011

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