My skin is clear and beautiful thanks to Conscious Breathing Retraining

Irealized that I wasn’t breathing properly when I was doing meditation and yoga. I thought I was doing everything possible in order to stay healthy, but I was finding it difficult to maintain my body’s alkaline level, despite eating the right food and supplements. In the autumn of 2010 I attended Anders’ breathing course and found some brilliant ways to breathe low, down into my lungs.

I did two hours of exercises with the Relaxator a day, to the point where I got a sore diaphragm initially. I discovered that my sinuses became completely clear, even though I used to need nasal sprays for years.

The blemishes and acne on my face are gone

My skin has also cleared up, and all the blemishes and acne on my face have disappeared. Breathing is my number one pH regulator!

Now, I will be able to stay healthy my whole life. Thank you, Anders!

Annika Toftby
Skövde, Sweden


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