Breathing retraining has given me a slender stomach

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I work as a massage therapist and have recently lost a lot of weight, about fifty pounds. After such sudden weight loss, my skin and muscles have felt flabby and stretched. I tried using the plank pose and sit-ups to tone my stomach, but the results were disappointing. Conscious Breathing Retraining, on the other hand, feel much more effective and have helped me discover muscles I never even knew I had. Sometimes I use the Relaxator for the breathing exercises. At other times, like when I’m driving or watching television, I practice prolonged exhalation and am breathing out for longer than I breathe in.

I have focused on my breathing when doing the Conscious Breathing Retraining, putting my hand on my abdominals and feeling how they slowly expand when breathing in. I just let the air in, all the way down to my stomach, while I count to two or three. Then, when breathing out, I have tried to carefully apply a bit of pressure to expel the air, while counting to six. The excellent result I obtained is one of the reasons that I now want to become a certified breathing instructor. This knowledge feels so important and is so simple to do that I want to pass it on to my massage clients.

Now my breathing works FOR me and for my health, 24 hours a day.

Anita Johansson, 56, massage therapist, Optime Vale, Västerhaninge, Sweden
May 2011

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