I totally LOVE my Relaxator!

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I have been off work with Chronic Fatigue syndrome for a year now, and I suffer with severe sleeping difficulties. My body is stressed by almost everything: food, physical activity, anything that activates my brain, noise, etc., etc. I have spent a lot of time relaxing with yoga and meditation, but had a real breakthrough a couple of weeks ago when I started using the Relaxator.

I do about two hours of breathing retraining a day now, and I am sleeping better and better. My brain stress disappeared almost immediately! Thank you for this amazing invention. I totally LOVE my Relaxator!

Update – July 2012 Of all the things I have tried, which encompasses a lot (acupuncture, kinesiology, energy therapy, ayurvedic treatment, herbs, etc., etc.), I have found that breathing exercises using the Relaxator is what has helped me most. I have also started to go for slightly longer walks than I was able to previously, and when I do I always have the Relaxator in my mouth. I have found that I can walk longer distances with the Relaxator than without it. The way I feel now, I will be doing the breathing exercises with the Relaxator every day for the rest of my life. I believe that it is a miracle!

Agnetha Uhlén, 58, executive secretary, Stockholm, Sweden
March 2012

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