Eighty-five-year-old: I have regained my health and my appetite for life!

I am an 85-year-old former lawyer and have required blood transfusions every five weeks for many years. When my blood count would start to dip, I would also lose all my energy. It’s now been 15 weeks since I’ve needed a transfusion, as my blood count results have come back completely normal, to the great surprise of my doctors. Unfortunately, none of the doctors have been interested in finding out what I’ve been doing differently.

While suffering from these health issues over the past years, I have asked what I could do to improve my blood count, and the only advice I was given was to, “eat some blood pudding”.

Breathing instructor Anita Johansson helped me with different treatments (massage and cranio sacral therapy) for my back problems. When my back pain was gone Anita instructed me on how to improve my breathing, which she thought was jerky and “gaspy.”

I now understand that an important function of the lungs is to clean the blood. My previous shallow breathing habit had gradually worsened my lung function, which led to the bad blood count results.

The breathing has helped me regain my health and appetite for life!

I am very grateful for what Anita has done for me, as I feel that breathing has helped me regain my health and appetite for life! I am now much happier, have more energy, and can’t stop telling everyone I know how they should breathe.

After having led a very inactive lifestyle over the last few years, due to my low energy levels, I am now going out walking, riding an exercise bike, and even doing some weight training in my own way. So, it is with huge pride that I am now choosing to share my story about my way back to health, happiness and strength.

Stockholm, Sweden


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