Stress test – Fight/Flight/Freeze Index What is fight/flight/freeze? When are you there? Are there situations when you don’t have to be in fight/flight/freeze? Is there anything you can do in order to spend less time there? Fight/flight/freeze is our way of dealing with dangers and it has ensured our survival throughout our evolution. Even though …

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How to breathe properly?

Since impaired breathing habits are so common, any quest for enhanced health and well being should include improving your breathing habits as a basic component. Since breathing is with us wherever we go we can apply breathing retraining anytime, anywhere and establish new breathing habits in a simple, cheap and efficient way.

Breathing Index Score

The maximum score on the Breathing Index is 100. A high score indicates a body in balance with ample internal resources, capable of handling difficult challenges. The lowest possible score is 20. A score below 60 indicates that your breathing and health has a lot of room for improvement. Your body is likely unbalanced with …

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Test #1 – Breathing and Health Index

Learn more about your current breathing habits by answering the 20 questions in the Breathing and Health Index Questionnaire below. These questions will help you assess your own breathing and become aware of how well your airways work. Blocked airways, over-breathing, and irregular breathing, are all factors that can cause seemingly unrelated health problems. Hence, there …

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How Do You Breathe?

There is nothing new about the importance of breathing. Just a few minutes of oxygen deprivation is enough to destroy the brain’s ability to process incoming information forever. However, it isn´t just important THAT we breathe, but also HOW we breathe. If the way we breathe is just slightly out of balance, over time it …

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Breathing Test – Hold Your Breath

How long you can hold your breath, after exhalation, is an indication of your health status. The shorter the time you can hold your breath, the poorer your health. You will notice that your ability to hold your breath increases when you relax, not when you tense up.

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