Best Breathing
Retrainer for improved breathing habits

Simply place the Relaxator in your mouth and when you exhale it provides an adjustable level of resistance, which, when used regularly, helps you achieve optimal breathing with a resulting increase in your oxygen uptake.

Why Relaxator Is Best

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Gives a rhythmic breathing​

The Relaxator Breathing Retrainer helps to maintain a breathing pattern that is more rhythmical and relaxed.

Promotes abdominal breathing​

The Relaxator helps you achieve optimal breathing by stimulating the diaphragm to work properly.

Reduce stress and anxiety

When you breathe using the Relaxator, you extend the time spent breathing out, which helps your body to relax.


With the Relaxator the inhaled air end up in the midriff to a greater extent, resulting in increased and efficient oxygen uptake.

Use The Relaxator For Different Health Issues