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Welcome to our store. Please take some time to browse through our innovative and easy-to-use products – Conscious Breathing-book to learn the ins and outs of breathing, The Sleep Tape to tape your mouth shut at night, The Relaxator Breathing Retrainer to strenghten your breathing muscles and The 7 Step CBR Program to Better Breathing to assist you on your journey towards better breathing habits.
Or sign up for one of our popular courses – The Conscious Breathing Basic Course to learn the basis about breathing for help to self-help or The Conscious Breathing Instructor Course to learn the complete ABC of breathing to be able to teach others.


The Sleep Tape 1M (one month) RS$6.5
The Sleep Tape 5M (five months)$25$750
The Relaxator Breath Trainer$35$1,050
Conscious Breathing Book$25$750
Conscious Breathing Instructor Course$450
Conscious Breathing / Relaxator$50$1,500


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