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A good night’s sleep is vital for good health, energy and overall wellbeing. During sleep your body heals, repairs and regenerates, which is why the way you breathe while you are asleep is of great importance. Sleeping with an open mouth upsets the oxygen/carbon dioxide balance in your system and causes hyperventilation that results in oxygen deficiency and restless sleep.

Since you can’t easily monitor how you breathe while you sleep, using Sleep Tape™ ensures that your mouth stays closed at night so you breathe only through your nose.

Benefits of Using The Sleep Tape

Taping your mouth at night is a remarkably simple, yet extremely powerful tool. The feedback frequently given is that people wake up more alert in the morning, sleep more calmly, don’t wake up during the night, and need less sleep.

  • Avoid hyperventilation – If you sleep with an open mouth your breathing will automatically exceed your body’s needs and you will hyperventilate, which upsets the oxygen/carbon dioxide balance and causes oxygen deficiency.
  • Keeps your mouth shut – Applying tape to your mouth at night is an easy and inexpensive way to ensure that your mouth stays closed and respiration occurs only through your nose. This will make breathing work for you instead of against you.
  • Wake up rested – Nasal breathing is the first step towards good breathing habits. Nasal breathing during sleep increases the chance that your body can relax and get the rest it needs.
  • Gives a deep sleep – Restless sleep is common amongst nightly mouth breathers. When we perceive danger we automatically open our mouth. It’s an inert reaction associated with our fight/flight/freeze-system. To promote deep sleep the fight/flight/freeze-system needs to be put on the backburner, which is easier achieved when our mouth is closed.

Quick facts

MaterialNonwoven Rayon, latex free
1 Strip10 cm x 2,5 cm
Sleep Tape 1M35 strips (1 month supply)
Sleep Tape 5M154 strips (5 months supply)

How to use

You may think it sounds barbaric, or feel uncomfortable with the idea of applying tape to your mouth—a common reaction amongst people when they first hear about the idea. The discomfort is generally just a mental block, and after trying it out for a few minutes most people find they get used to it. If you do feel discomfort, please apply the tape fifteen minutes before bedtime, in order to become more comfortable with the sensation.

  • Tape vertically or horizontally – The Sleep Tape could be applied either horizontally or vertically. Some users perceive the vertical approach to be less intimidating.
  • Be persistent – You may wake up without a taped mouth since it’s common that we remove the tape in our sleep during the first, second, and maybe third night. Please be persistent and continue to apply the tape.
  • Apply a while before bedtime – If you do feel discomfort, I suggest you apply the tape fifteen minutes before bedtime, in order to become more comfortable with the sensation.
  • Get your partner to tape too – You may think that it’s not very sexy to tape your mouth at night, but you can always cuddle first, and then tape your mouth. Some prefer to wait to apply the tape to their mouth until their partner has fallen asleep. Perhaps you can get your partner to tape their mouth too?

Questions and Answers

Below you’ll find answers to the most frequently asked questions on Sleep Tape usage.

How can I avoid getting sore lips by taping my mouth?

ANSWER: Here are a few tips if you have sensitive skin and get sore lips: Put the tape against your pillow a few times to reduce the adhesive slightly.

Tear the tape in half and tape from your nose to your chin, so that less tape gets in touch with your skin.

Slightly ”fold in” your lips before applying the tape.

Put on some coconut oil, petrolatum, or similar, before applying the tape.

Moist your lips slightly before applying the tape.

Use your tongue to first moisten your lips and then push out the tape from within, when taking it off in the morning.

What material is the tape made of?

ANSWER: The Sleep Tape is made of nonwoven rayon. Rayon is made of natural cellulose fiber, which is processed to become rayon. The adhesive is made of acrylate. The basic material in the Sleep Tape, rayon and acrylate, are hypoallergenic and mild and have been used for medical purposes since the 1960s, for example near the mouth and nose for fixing cannulas and keep together open wounds. the Sleep Tape is free from latex and doesn’t contain any colophonium (rosin).

Could my six-year-old tape his mouth at night?

ANSWER: Yes, usually it’s fine for most six-year-olds to tape their mouth at night. BUT, the child needs of course to be curious and willing to try. It is not recommended to try to convince your child. As parents we know that children do as we do and not as we say, so by taping your own mouth the chance increases that your child becomes curious and wants to give it a try. There are five-year-old that tapes their mouths. Even if it is individual and can differ from child to child it is not recommended for children under 5 yeas of age to tape their mouth at night. Please note that all mouth taping at night, regardless of age, is at your own risk. 

Can Children Tape Their Mouth at Night?

Can I ruin my sleep by taping my mouth?

ANSWER: On the contrary, it give a better and deeper sleep. Some may wake up very energetic and some may wake up very tired in the beginning – “I wake up already at 4 o’clock in the morning, full of energy!!” or “I am really tired when I wake up!” The advice is to wait four weeks before evaluating whether mouth taping at night works for you or not. The sleep is usually normalized over time and the tiredness that some people experience in the beginning can be viewed as a form of cleansing reaction that disappears after a while. Similar to a person that stops smoking usually don’t feel too well in the beginning and it takes a while for the benefits become evident. If you wake up very early in the morning and feel rested it’s great and hopefully it will continue. Many people testify that taping their mouth at night have made it possible to reduce their need for sleep.

What are the risks involved in taping my mouth at night?

ANSWER: The risks with taping the mouth at night is absolutely a legitimate question! However, let’s not overdo it. The easiest is to pay attention to your own reaction – do you get stressed out of the mere thought of taping your mouth at night, don’t do it. Instead start with taping your mouth during daytime, for example a while in front of the TV in the evening, to get used to the sensation that occurs in your body and mind. When you feel safe with the tape and the change in your breathing pattern the next natural step is to try taping your mouth at night.

Here are a couple of women sharing their experience:

– I got panic in the beginning, but got used to it. Stayed awaken in bed for a while before taking it off, but already after a few nights I could tape without problems and nowadays I don’t even think about that I have my mouth taped. Tonight I slept for seven hours straight with the tape on – normally I wake up several times each night. Since I could wear the tape I have started to sleep better and better. My advice is to not overreact if you get panic, just remove the tape and get used to it successively at your own pace.

– When I tried the tape for the first time I panicked. But I turned to my breathing and focused on breathing slow, low and rhythmically. After a while I was able to relax and fell asleep. I was confident that the stress and fear would diminish over time. Direct your focus towards your breath, over and over again. Since then I have had no problems at all with taping my mouth at night.

In the Swedish book “Sluta snarka och börja leva! (Stop snoring, start living)” from 1991 the author Tore Strandell advices the reader to tape their mouth at night, se the picture below. Tore is an MD and an associate Professor at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden and the founder of Aleris Fysiologlab, Northern Europe’s largest sleep clinic.

Stop snoring, start living


Please Note! The Sleep Tape is not intended to use as a replacement for medical advice from medically trained personnel. It is not recommended for children under 5 yeas of age to tape their mouth at night. Mouth taping at night, regardless of age, is at your own risk.

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9 reviews for The Sleep Tape 5M (five months)

  1. Sarah

    I have been using regular surgical tape but it would come off in the night, but now trying this “Sleep Tape” the adhesive is very strong and stays on perfectly through the night. I’ve only been using the tape in general for about a month but my stress levels during the day have gone way down and I feel much better rested in the mornings! I bought the relaxator and received Sleep Tape with it (also reading Conscious Breathing) but now am going to stock up on the tape after a single night trying it! Impressive stick and didn’t wind up around my finger or in my hair like regular medical tape would! ha!

  2. Anonymous

    I’m shocked: have only woken up once this night. This hasen’t happened in many years!!!

  3. Anonymous

    Sleeping with taped mouth – no nightmares, no need to go to the toilet! Wow, that it could be this simple!

  4. Catarina Johannisson

    I came in touch with Conscious Breathing through my mom who read an article in Hemmets Journal (a Swedish monthly magazine). I can tell you that I didn’t have high expectations when I started to read the book The Power of Your Breathand practicing with the Relaxator Breathing Retrainer. When I later on read about taping the mouth at night, I thought it could be worth trying.

    Since I was twenty I’ve had major sleep problems. I have slept constantly with my mouth open and woken up between five and ten times every night. During the daytime I’ve felt exhausted and have had to struggle through the day hour by hour while at work, and rest when I get home. I seldom had the energy to do anything extra in the evenings.

    The Sleep Tape has given me a new life
    Since taping my mouth for a few weeks I have slept through more full nights than I’ve done in the last 30 years. I don’t have to drag myself out of bed in the mornings anymore. I’m so much more alert and I have more energy both at work and in the evenings. The Sleep Tape has given me a new lease on life. Many thanks!

    I’m still taping
    Update December 2013 Another couple of months have passed, and I continue to tape my mouth almost every night. There are now very few nights with poor sleep and the positive results remains. It feels like I’m sleeping more deeply and getting more rest than ever before. From being close to burnt out I now have so much more strength and energy, and many people around me notice the difference.

    I have basically stopped taking sleeping pills
    For many years I couldn’t fall asleep at night without taking sleeping pills. Since I prefer not to take any medication I have tried many, many times to sleep without them, but without success. But thanks to the Sleep Tape, I’ve finally been able to stop taking them.

    You can read my full testimonial here

    – Catarina Johannisson, IT technician

  5. Anonymous

    I am 78 years old and damned if my potency is not too shabby. My sex life is better than ever, practically like that of a teenager! And bugger me if it hasn’t happened over the last few years. I am convinced that the biggest reason for this is the fact that I have slept with my mouth taped the last five years.

  6. Anonymous

    My enormous need for sleep has been reduced with my mouth taped. Before 10-12 hours/night, now 8 hours/night.

  7. Lottie Stjernqvist

    So darn cool!! Today, my eleven-year-old son came home from school and told me he had scored one goal in soccer and had assisted his team in scoring three more goals. This week, he also ran two laps on the terrain course and eight laps for an endurance test. That might sound normal for a kid his age, but my son is currently being evaluated for asthma fatigue. Every morning, he used to wake up with a blocked nose, despite having taken an allergy pill before going to bed. He needed a cold spray, allergy spray and asthma medicine morning and night. He would tell us, “I hate gym class,” four times a week, sometimes with tears and a tantrum. I’m not even going into his moods. We used to call it morning tiredness, but NO. The right term is hypoxia (lack of oxygen).

    Cocky as he is, he began his road to recovery by taping his mouth before going to bed, for ten days, and practicing the Conscious Breathing Method with the Relaxator for fifteen minutes twice a day, and thinking about breathing through his nose with his tongue pressed against the roof of his mouth as often as possible. We noticed the difference the first morning: no allergy, peppy and rested. We’re so HAPPY! These last few days have been completely medicine-free :)! So, a big warm THANK YOU, Anders, for having taken on this mission. I’ll be doing my best to spread the word and inspire people about nasal breathing. Count me in for the Instructor course in September ♥.

    Update – June 2012 Yesterday, on the 25th day of the Breathing Retraining Program (during this period we also had a few days of stomach flu), the asthma nurse recorded in Felix’s medical journal that he had stopped using the medicine, and he doesn’t need to revisit since he doesn’t have any symptoms of allergy or asthma any longer :).

    Update – July 2012 Felix plays soccer every day now. This is so cool 🙂

    You can read our full testimonial here

    – Lottie Stjernqvist, mother of Felix, 11

  8. Veronica Ingemarsson

    In November of 2010 I attended a Conscious Breathing course, and since then I have basically taped my mouth shut every night. In addition to having enjoyed better sleep, the tooth right next to my upper front teeth has straightened! It used to be completely crooked and I didn’t like to smile because of how odd it looked. But, now, the tooth has twisted itself back into place, which I assume is due to taping my mouth shut at night.

    It also goes hand in hand with what I learned in the course, that your tongue and lips are powerful muscles that strongly affect the positioning of your teeth. Nowadays my whole family, my partner and three children, aged 7, 9 and 11, tape their mouths shut at night.

    I also do a fair amount of running, about 50-60 kilometers a week, and I am trying to practice nasal breathing more and more. It feels really nice to breathe through my nose, but for the time being I’m not able to do it properly when I’m running fast. I do, however, clearly note that when I’m running quickly and huffing and puffing through my mouth, and I take a few breaths through my nose, I calm down and get a burst of energy that makes me feel I can carry on just a bit more.

    You can read my full testimonial here

    – Veronica Ingemarsson

  9. Mirja Saarväli

    Nowdays, whenever I go to bed I tape up my mouth. Before, when the alarm went off in the mornings, I would always have a really hard time getting up. I used to feel as if I had slept well, but the way I feel now when the alarm goes off . . . there is just no comparison. Now I can get out of bed straight away without feeling like I’m about to faint from tiredness!

    When I started the Breathing Retraining Program with the Relaxator, the resistance was set too high and my abdominals (diaphragm) started to hurt, but now it works well and I use it a bit in the evening before going to bed.

    Since I started the breathing exercises I have felt less stressed in general, and I use the Conscious Breathing technique with a three to four count while breathing in and four or eight count while breathing out, in order to reduce the stress. Fantastic!!

    My last dentist’s visit also went swimmingly. By breathing through my nose, which now feels completely natural, I had no problem whatsoever lying back in the chair while the dentist drilled into my teeth. I could have lain there for hours. An especially tasty bonus is that I don’t end up getting bugs in my mouth when I’m out biking anymore, because I keep my mouth shut. Everything has just become so much more pleasant and easy.

    You can read my full testimonial here

    – Mirja Saarvääli, Holistic horse and dog therapist

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