Stress test – Fight/Flight/Freeze Index

What is fight/flight/freeze? When are you there? Are there situations when you don’t have to be in fight/flight/freeze? Is there anything you can do in order to spend less time there? Fight/flight/freeze is our way of dealing with dangers and it has ensured our survival throughout our evolution. Even though we seldom have reasons to fight, run or freeze these days, many of us unfortunately spend an unnecessary amount of our energy fighting life, trying to escape it, or giving up when challenges feel overwhelming. Are you one of them?

If you want to change your behavior, you first have to understand it. The purpose of this questionnaire is to help you gain new insights and become aware of the mental and emotional equivalents to fight/flight/freeze, namely anger/fear/paralyzed.

How do you act and react

in your daily life?

– Do you have a tendency to be a bulldozer pushing through life, reacting to everything that comes at you, ready to fight at any moment?
– Or do you feel like a scaredy cat, constantly on the run from yourself and life?
– Or maybe you’re someone who becomes dejected and paralyzed when things go wrong and don’t know what to do?
– Or are you one of those lucky people who have “cracked the code” and are able to handle the majority of life’s successes and setbacks with harmony and balance?

Take the 3 minute

stress test

The questionnaire is divided into three sections. Statements 1-10 makes up part I and is about FIGHT, statements 11-20 constitutes part II which deals with FLIGHT. Part III consists of statements 21-30 and is about FREEZE.

Choose the option that best describes your way of dealing with situations and encounters in your everyday life. It is your experience of how you act and react that should dictate how you fill out the form, nothing else.

Be honest in your answers. If you have a tendency to be excessively critical towards yourself, don’t do the test if you’re having a ”bad day.” Are the statements too many or contradictory on a question? If so, choose the option(s) that best apply to you. All questions refer to the past six months.

When you have responded to the 30 statements below, you get a summary of your total score. Here you can also choose to sign up for our free mini course in stress management.

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