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Any quest for enhanced health and wellbeing should include improving your breathing habits as a basic component, since breathing is an integral part of us, and is with us wherever we go. While good breathing in our daily lives doesn’t always come naturally, it can be learned. By improving your breathing habits there is a great chance that you will also improve your energy levels, sleep quality and overall health.

To assist you in improving your breathing habits our 28 Day Conscious Breathing Retraining (CBR) Program to Better Breathing is of great help. The aim of the program is to support you in using the four tools of Conscious Breathing:

  • Become aware of your breathing. Awareness is usually the first step towards change. The first step of this seven step program is therefore to check your breathing by answering the 20 questions in the Health and Breathing Index.
  • Tape your mouth at night. Many of us sleep with an open mouth, which automatically means that your breathing will exceed your body’s needs, i.e. we create an imbalance between oxygen (too much) and carbon dioxide (too little). Taping your mouth at night with Sleep Tape is a remarkably simple and inexpensive way to ensure that your mouth stays closed and respiration occurs only through your nose. Nasal breathing promotes a relaxed sleep and minimum energy leakage, which increases the chances that your body can heal, repair and regenerate.
  • Train with the Relaxator. With The Relaxator Breathing Retrainer you can retrain your breathing habits so that they are more in line with your bodys needs. The Relaxator helps you achieve a slow, low and more rhythmical breath. It also increases the muscle tonus in the upper airways and strengthens the diaphragm, our most important breathing muscle.
  • Physical activity with closed mouth. Good breathing starts in the nose. If your nose is narrow and you find it hard to breathe through it, it is often a sign that your breathing is not optimal. In the nose, under the nasal turbinates, there is erectile tissue. They swell when the CO2-pressure in our body is too low, as a defense mechanism to maintain an optimal carbon dioxide pressure. Carbon dioxide is produced in the body, and virtually all carbon dioxide leaves the body through exhalation. Physical activity with closed mouth increases your ability to breath through your nose. As your breathing improves and you regain an optimum carbon dioxide pressure, the erectile tissue will decrease in size and the inside of the nose will feel less crowded. Read more on how to unblock a stuffy nose >>.

The 28-Day Conscious Breathing Training Program is included when you purchase our products (not Sleep Tape). It is just to follow these simple seven steps:

28-Day Program Step 1 - Preview

Learn more about your current breathing habits by answering the questions in our Breathing Index Questionnaire. These questions will help you assess your own breathing and become aware of how well your airways work.

Preview Step 1
28-Day Program Step 2 - Preview
2. Set Goals

Write down three main goals related to your wellbeing. Most people find that inspiration can be drawn from your answers to the questions in step 1. For some it’s easier to think of the goals as dreams, visions, wishes or aspirations.

Preview Step 2
28-Day Program Step 3 - Preview
3. Visualize your goals

Visualize your goals. The more emotionally involved you are in a goal, the greater your chance of reaching it. One way to engage your emotions is to visualize your goals.

Preview Step 3
28-Day Program Step 4 - Preview

4. Training Schedule

Complete the training schedule for 28-Day Breathing Retraining – Use the Relaxator to retrain your breathing, Sleep Tape to tape your mouth at night, and engage in physical activity with your mouth closed. Our 28-Day Breathing Retraining has the potential to change your life!

Preview Step 4
28-Day Program Step 5 - Preview

5. Breathing Habits

Complete the schedule for your day-to-day breathing habits at the end of each week – i.e., day 7, 14, 21 and 28. Awareness of your breathing habits in everyday life is an important first step towards improving them.

Preview Step 5
28-Day Program Step 6 - Preview

6. Breathing Index Again

Answer the questions in the Breathing Index questionnaire once more for evaluation. You’ll be surprised to see the positive impact the 28-Day Breathing Retraining has had on your score.

Preview Step 6
28-Day Program Step 7 - Preview

7. Evaluation

Answer the questions in the evaluation and find out how much your health and wellbeing has been improved by doing the Breathing Retraining.

Preview Step 7

Start Your Breathing Retraining Today

To get started with your breathing retraining you can purchase our innovative and easy-to-use products and/or sign up for one of our popular courses.

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