With the tape, I wake up as early as 4 o’clock

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QUESTION: I usually sleep like a log and wake up rested. I started taping the mouth and did not sleep well at all any longer. I started to wake up rested at 4 o’clock. I fell asleep again but slept anxiously and woke up rested again. I tried several nights with the same result. Now, I have removed it and sleep “normal” again. Have you experienced this before? Could it be that I sleep so much deeper that I do not need more than 5 hours of sleep? No, it cannot be, can it? I am a bit afraid to ruin my comfortable, safe sleep and put it in imbalance.

ANSWER: Yes, my experience was similar at first: that I woke up early. Sometimes, I was very well rested, and I just chose to accept it, be grateful and leave the bed. ? Over time, my sleep became more normal, and now I sleep about the same amount of time as before I started breathing training, maybe slightly less.

For some who start breathing training, some form of cleansing or initial change for the worse may occur before it gets better. The reaction (temporary change for the worse) may occur immediately or after a few weeks of breathing training. What happens during an initial change for the worse can be compared to when a person who quit smoking does not feel so good at first. Instead, the gains come after a while. Usually, the reaction occurs where we have had problems earlier. One way of looking at an initial change for the worse is, thus, that the body is healing. Here is an article that addresses this: “Can breathing retraining cause a cleansing reaction?“.

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