The Relaxator when giving birth?

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QUESTION: Do you know anyone who has given birth and used the Relaxator?

ANSWER: Yes, several women have used the Relaxator when giving birth and have reported being very happy with doing so! They have experienced the Relaxator as a “faithful friend” to lean on during the toughest moments when it has been difficult to maintain a good breath.

Especially between the contractions, good breathing allows for faster recovery. This article addresses the close relationship between breathing and pain: Your breathing – a powerful tool for pain relief.

From the article:

Fear causes us to feel tense and hold our breath, and we can all recognize ourselves in the reaction, “Phew, now the danger is over, now I can relax and exhale,” and then we let out the air with a sigh. One term used in conjunction with childbirth is the “fear-tension-pain” cycle. The woman who is about to give birth may have fears about the delivery as well as the discomfort she is experiencing, and she may become tense.

Tension in the body causes pain to increase, which causes even more fear and tension rises further. Thus, a vicious cycle is established. In the case of tension and fear, breathing changes as the inherited reaction are to hold the breath in order to wake up the body or to breathe higher up in the chest to “escape” from unpleasant emotions, often located in the stomach area.

With our breathing, we can either intensify or reduce pain. If we tense up, the pain increases. By applying Conscious Breathing, the body relaxes and the pain can decrease. Try it yourself. The next time you experience pain, start breathing slowly, rhythmically, low and small, and note how the pain subsides.

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