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Question: I have tried using the Relaxator, but even though I try not to bite into it and just have it between my lips I get a lot of saliva in my mouth. That is why it is hard for me to use it.

Answer: The reasons for experiencing problems with saliva when using a Relaxator are often due to one of the following causes:

Tensed jaws. Your jaws may become tense when using a Relaxator, which will increase saliva production. If possible, it is optimal for you to hold the Relaxator between your lips, as this will provide increased relaxation compared to when you bite into it with your teeth.

Increased relaxation. If you are using a Relaxator, there will be increased activity in the parasympathetic part of the autonomic nervous system (the part of the nervous system that handles heartbeat, breathing, digestion, etc. without us having to think about it). In English, the parasympathetic system is called the rest and digest system. When we relax, the body may, thus, think it is time to eat and, as a result, secrete more saliva. And the fact that we put a Relaxator in our mouths can contribute even more to make the body think food will soon come.

Difficulty swallowing at the same time. The technique for swallowing while having a Relaxator in your mouth has to be learned, but you will usually figure it out after having used the Relaxator for a while.

Saliva is a way to get rid of waste products. One reason for more saliva is that your body becomes better balanced by the breathing training, and then the ability to rid yourself of waste products will increase. Normally, we have four ways to get rid of waste products: urine, feces, sweat and exhalation. When these are not enough, our bodies use saliva as a backup system.

Overuse at first. If we immediately start training with the Relaxator for several hours a day with a very small opening to create high resistance, and it is hard to exhale the air, it is conceivable that we may overuse the Relaxator and will need to both reduce the time we use it and open up the Relaxator a little more so that it is easier to exhale through it.

If the hole on the Relaxator is pointed downward. According to my experience, it is better if the breathing hole is pointing upwards in case of saliva problems.

My advice is to hang in and continue training with the Relaxator, as the problems usually are transient and the saliva will decrease after having used the Relaxator for a while. Another option is to take a break or work out with the Relaxator for a shorter time or with a lower resistance if you find the saliva to be a problem.

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