How should the Relaxator be placed in the mouth?

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QUESTION: How should the Relaxator be placed in the mouth? I have it between the lips but feel that it is tough to tighten the jaws.

ANSWER: When we bite into the Relaxator with our teeth, we increase the risk of getting a tense jaw. So the absolutely best choice is to hold the Relaxator with your lips.

One reason why it may be perceived as difficult to hold it with our lips is if we have a habit keeping our mouths open, for example, if we talk a lot, stress a lot etc.

When our mouth is open often, our lip muscles may be weakened and need to be exercised. When we have our mouth closed, we activate our lip muscles. So if we have the bad habit of keeping our mouth open, our weakened lip muscles may make it seem difficult to hold the Relaxator with our lips, and we may experience tension in the lips and jaw as well as increased saliva production.

These problems are, however, usually transient and disappear as you practice with the Relaxator, train your lips and become more and more relaxed.

Maybe you need to practice with a lighter resistance. A common reason why we do not really become friends with the Relaxator is that we have the resistance set too high (the opening for air flow is too small). The fact is, the Relaxator produces an effect even if you have it set to a lower resistance. Start small and build up, just like you would with any exercise.

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