Can the Relaxator repair the alveoli?

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QUESTION: If a person with COPD uses the Relaxator regularly, can the lung sacs (the alveoli) be slowly repaired? Or are they destroyed forever?

ANSWER: This is undoubtedly an interesting question, and I do not actually know if it is possible to repair the damaged lung tissue or not. But several people with the diagnosis of COPD have, at least, received increased lung capacity after they started training with the Relaxator.

One example is Axel, 87 years old, who was diagnosed COPD. Axel has smoked since he was 17, and he improved his lung function even though he continued to smoke.

Another example is JD Dunphy whose lung function improved by 10% after three weeks of breathing retraining. JD has, however, not been diagnosed with COPD.

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