The Breath Minute

The Breath Minute September 7th 2020

We breathe together and think kind thoughts about ourselves and of one another.

When: Monday September 7th, 2020 at 5.30pm-6:00pm CEST (Central European Summer Time Zone)
Where: Facebook Live in the Conscious Breathing Group or the Conscious Breathing Channel on Youtube
Alternative: You can also do the Breath Minute with your partner, children, friends, work colleagues, etc.
Price: Free event
Guide: Anders Olsson

Event on Facebook

We breathe together for 10 minutes and think kind thoughts about ourselves, others and Conscious Breathing and all the…

Posted by Conscious Breathing on Thursday, September 3, 2020

Event on Youtube

How does The Breath Minute work?

Find a quiet place where you can be undisturbed. Turn off lights. Only have the device on that connects you to the event. Turn off other computers, TVs, mobiles or other possible disturbances. Light a candle if you wish.

During The Breath Minute, the eyes are closed, the posture upright, hold one hand on the stomach, the other hand on the chest and the Relaxator in your mouth. If you don’t have a Relaxator, it will work just fine without. During The Breath Minute we are completely silent while we breathe together for about ten minutes. If you participate in the live meeting on Facebook or YouTube, I will do a brief review before we start, explaining the purpose and approach, which is as follows:

  • Attitude. Please have an attitude of curiosity, appreciation, gratitude, kindness, and love.
  • Acceptance. Many of us (most perhaps?) have a lot of thoughts going back and forth. This is completely okay. Do not pay attention to them just let the thoughts fly and accept them.
  • Breath. Slowly but surely shift the focus to your breathing and the navel area.
  • Yourself. Think of yourself and what you appreciate about you – that is, kind thoughts about who you are, what you do, say, think and feel.
  • Others. Think kind thoughts about the other participants at the event. Maybe you know someone who is participating. (If you do not participate in the actual event, then you will think kind thoughts about those you share the exercise with).
  • Conscious Breathing. Think kind thoughts about Conscious Breathing and all the improvements people have experienced mentally, physically and emotionally just by doing something as simple as improving their breathing habits

What is the purpose with the Breath Minute?

Animals that are excluded from the flock often find it very difficult to manage on their own. Us humans are also flock animals and we are very dependent on each other to survive and feel good. Being seen, validated and accepted for who we are is something we all thrive after. Working together makes us feel connected and meaningful.

Another important aspect is being able to help one another. Just like a sports team is not stronger than its weakest links, it also applies to a workplace, a family, village, city, country, and a continent. It is together, when we move in the same direction, that we are the strongest. If someone is not feeling well and while under the influence of alcohol runs me over, it didn’t help, while laying in the hospital bed, that I had been taking really good care of myself and was feeling great before the accident.

We cannot protect ourselves from other people who don’t feel well, on the contrary, we would do ourselves, or future generations, a huge disservice if we build walls between “us” and “them”. In the short term it might work, but in the long run the reality will always catch up. So the best thing we can do is try to help those who are not feeling well to feel better.

The Breath Minute is part of Conscious Breathing’s vision – to spread simple knowledge and simple tools that inspire to increased self-responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, actions, breathing habits, sleeping habits, eating and drinking habits, exercise habits, as well as our health and our way of communicating. To get in the driver’s seat and thereby influence our lives to a greater extent than before is something that can feel scary, but in the breath we can actually find the courage and support we need. Many people testify that improved breathing habits have given them increased courage and reduced fears.

Breathing together creates a sense of connectedness

By breathing together during the Breath Minute and thinking kind thoughts about ourselves, others and Conscious Breathing, we create a greater love for ourselves, stronger bonds with others and at the same time contribute to the fact that Conscious Breathing becomes an increasingly stronger signal that attracts more people that are in need of this simple yet powerful tool.

The conscious breath holds the power to change the world into a place where people are a little calmer, a little friendlier, cooperate a little more, and make a bit wiser decisions in their daily lives. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something to contribute to a better world.

In order to reach lasting change a critical mass thinking and acting in a similar way is needed. When we breathe together we perceive an increased level of connectedness. This is one reason why it feels so good to sing together, since it is a form of synchronized breathing.

According to research on meditation the square root of 1% of a given population is required in order to reach a critical mass.

  • Sweden critical mass is 316 people (square root of 1% of 10 million inhabitants).
  • Europe 2.666 people (711 million inhabitants)
  • North America 1.918 people (368 million inhabitants)
  • Latin America and the Carribean 2.552 people (651 million inhabitants)
  • Oceania 651 people (42 million inhabitants)
  • Asia 6.800 people (4.6 billion inhabitants)
  • Whole world 8.809 people (7.76 billion inhabitants)

How did the idea with The Breath Minute arise?

The idea for the Breath Minute emerged from frustration with one of the developers in our team. We had tried everything for a long time to make him better at time estimation, report what he had done, what he would do next, when the task would be completed, communicate with the others in the team etc. etc., without any real success.

Finally I gave up and shut off the lights in the office, turned off the screens, put the Relaxator in my mouth, set the timer on my cellphone for five minutes and sent love to him. I also asked my colleague in the US to do the same thing as me, which he did. It felt very good. Problems gives rise to new opportunities 🙂

We have continued to do the Breath Minute with other colleagues in the team and it is very powerful. Undoubtedly, you get closer to each other and feel greater affinity as well as getting an increased team feeling. You also become more relaxed and present in the moment.

What happens next with The Breath Minute?

A joint Breath Minute event will be held on the first Monday of each month at 8:30pm in local time zones. There will be different themes at these monthly events, such as forgiveness, respect, acceptance, walk in the other person’s footsteps, dare to face your fears, dare to be vulnerable, dare to set limits etc.

The Breath Minute will also be available via a simple app with short (1-2 min) and slightly longer 5-10 (min) guides. Although it is an advantage to use the Relaxator, it is by no means a requirement.

It is also our hope that the Breath Minute will spread to workplaces; for example, before a meeting where all participants breathe together. And maybe one day it will take place in a board meeting at Google or Apple or in the oval office in the White House or in the British Parliament. It is not difficult to imagine that such a meeting, where you start a few minutes of thinking kind thoughts about yourself and your colleagues, has the potential to be much more productive compared to a meeting where the participants may rush in out of breath with their thoughts still remaining in the last meeting and their racing minds heading to the next meeting.

We can also breathe together and think kind thoughts about ourselves and others – at work when you start your day, in the dressing room before a sports performance, within the family before you have dinner, in bed before going to sleep etc.

When we breathe together we develop a team feeling and understanding of each other. When we get closer to each other, we also become a little nicer to each other. Just what the world needs. In other words, Conscious Breathing is just as much of a peace project as it is a tool to achieve better health, perform better and increase personal and spiritual growth.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope you enjoyed it 🙂


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