Johnny Oduya


During my career as a professional hockey player I tried everything when it came to enhancing my performance. cold bathing, changed my diet, sleep patterns and different devices for measuring. I tried basically anything you can imagine. at one point I even tried breathwork as well, but I didn’t really understand it back then.

Even if I did all these things, there was something still missing. I was struggling with some emotional issues and also finding my balance. all in all, it went pretty well.

After my career, I traveled the world and I went deep into meditation and different practices. during this time is where I found breathwork once again. on a trip to Bali and a breathwork session with some friends, I had this profound experience. afterwards, I couldn’t understand why more people 

didn’t know about this. coming back I googled breathwork and found Daniel Müeller Gonzales, basically the only Wim Hof Instructor doing this at the time in Sweden. together we gathered a group of people and started hale.

Since then I’ve deepened my practice and studied breathwork with every master I could find around the world, diving into the deep end of everything related to breathing. the more I learned, the more I understood that breathing skill development was the missing link during my career. Breathing is key for optimal performance, health and wellbeing. And it’s a trainable system, mostly anyone can learn how to improve or master.

I’ve asked myself many times why didn’t I know about this before? And why does most people don’t know about this at all? the answer to why we created hale is found in those two questions.

Use Your Breath to Gain a Competitive Advantage in Sports and Performance


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