Wisdom From North: How changing our breathing can change our life

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Jannecke Øinæs interviews Anders Olsson in her YouTube channel Wisdom From North. The interview is about forty minutes. Jannecke made here debut on stage as a seven year old in Les Miserables and ever since she has been working as an actress, singer and musical artist in Norway and USA. In 2012 she fulfilled her dream of working with what inspires her the most; sharing conversations online about the mysteries of life. Jannecke has made over 300 interviews, with more than 2,5 million views, from royals to eminent and rethinking scientists.

This is how Jannecke presents the interview:

The Power of Our Breath! How changing our breathing can change our life

Can something as simple as breathing more consciously change your body, better your health and help your spiritual growth? Anders Olsson is a breathing instructor and an author who lives in Sweden. He explains that breathing is the basis for the quality of your life and enlightenment. He offers several breathing techniques which can help you to reduce stress while increasing energy and harmony within. Anders is also the author of the book: “The Power of your Breath”.

The practice of conscious breathing only takes a minute to learn, but a lifetime to master.

Listen to the interview