Anders Olsson

Anders Olsson is a lecturer, teacher and founder of the Conscious Breathing concept and the author of Conscious Breathing. After living most of his life with a ”hurricane of thoughts” bouncing back and forth in is head, Anders was fortunate enough to come across tools that have helped him relax and find his inner calm. The most powerful of these tools has undoubtedly been to improve his breathing habits, which made Anders decide to become the worlds most prominent expert in breathing. This is now more than 10 years ago and since then he has helped tens of thousands of people to a better health and improved quality of life. Read more about Anders here >>

Relationship between osteoporosis and over breathing

Relationship between osteoporosis and over breathing

Calcium is an important ingredient in eggshells, and one problem that egg producers struggle with is that the eggshells become thin and break easily, especially during the summer months when it is hot. One research group found that the problem was caused by hyperventilation. When the temperature in the barn rises in the summer, the …

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Carbon dioxide is antibacterial

A study at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden showed that the growth of staphylococci was 1,000 times higher when the bacteria were exposed to normal air for 24 hours, compared with exposure to air saturated with 100 percent CO2.

Konstantin Buteyko – Founder of The Buteyko Method

The Russian Medical Doctor and Professor, Konstantin Buteyko, spent hundreds of hours during his medical training studying the respiration of people on their deathbed. He noted that the closer to death patients were, the worse their respiration. How they were breathing was a direct reflection of the status of their health, and the more they deteriorated, the faster, shallower and more labored their breathing became.

The Five Tibetans With The Relaxator

The Five Tibetans consist of five very simple and highly energizing yoga-like poses that provide a great way to keep your body in shape when you have limited time for physical exercise. The exercises balances your nervous system and open up your airways and strengthen your breathing muscles.

Conscious Breathing during training increase performance

For over half a year I’ve tried Conscious Breathing during training. I’ve trained approx. 6 hours per week and my focus on breathing has made it possible for me to sense what is happening in my body during exercise. I get more out of my training than I did before, especially performance-wise. My project has resulted in the report – “Interaction between breathing and physical activity

Nasal Breathing Boosts Your Sex Life

Viagra could be developed thanks to the research on Nitric Oxide, NO, a substance produced in the nose. The levels of NO has an effect on the ability to fill our genitals with blood. In a study of men with polyps in the nose, the problems with erectile dysfunction dropped vigorously, after the polyps where removed and the subjects could breathe through their nose again.

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