Anders Olsson

Anders Olsson is a lecturer, teacher and founder of the Conscious Breathing concept and the author of Conscious Breathing. After living most of his life with a ”hurricane of thoughts” bouncing back and forth in is head, Anders was fortunate enough to come across tools that have helped him relax and find his inner calm. The most powerful of these tools has undoubtedly been to improve his breathing habits, which made Anders decide to become the worlds most prominent expert in breathing. This is now more than 10 years ago and since then he has helped tens of thousands of people to a better health and improved quality of life. Read more about Anders here >>

Pilot study – nasal vs. mouth breathing

A pilot was done during the spring of 2011 with ten individuals cycling to determine wheter the body reacts differently to physical activity when using nasal breathing instead of mouth breathing. The reduced amount of lactic during nasal breathing indicate increased performance. Fewer breaths per minute points to nasal breathing being more efficient and energy saving.

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