Conscious Breathing for Optimum Sports Performance

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Impaired Breathing Habits Limits Your Sports Performance

If your breathing is impaired, you can’t run, swim, bike or maintain your concentration, strength, and endurance optimally. A study of 331 people, ranging from recreational exercisers to elite athletes, showed that 65 percent of the participants considered their breathing to be the limiting factor while performing maximally.

But how many of us actively practice improving our breath for optimal oxygenation when we jog, bike, play soccer, golf, tennis or ice hockey?

Effects of Impaired Breathing
Constricts airwaysHarder to breathe
Constricts blood vesselsDecreases the flow of blood and oxygen to the muscles
Accelerates the formation of lactic acidGetting tired faster
Reduces oxygenation of the musclesReduces ATP production, speed, and endurance
Acidified blood and incerases free radicalsIncreased risk of injury
Health problemsLess time to work out
Study of 331 athletes – What stops you at maximum performance?
Weak muscles (poor fitness)15%
Tired muscles (lactic acid)20%

11 Factors That Show Why Effective Breathing is Important for Increased Performance:

Your athletic performance can be significantly improved through more efficient breathing habits and an increase in the blood’s oxygen carrying capacity. Let’s have a closer look at how we can use the often untapped potential of the breath to optimize your performance when you exercise.

Is Conscious Breathing For You?

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