Conscious Breathing

Number 3 - 2015

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In this issue of BreathingNEWS you can read about how nasal breathing could help improving your sex life, thanks to the gas Nitric Oxide (NO) produced in the nose. NO is the reason why the sex enhancement drug Vixxxra works.

And read about how Arsal could skip surgery and pacemaker. By improving his breathing habits and cutting down on sugar he got rid of his racing heart and severe chest pain, basically from the first day of this new "regim".

- If you take time and fear out of the equation, how would that change your life?

/Anders Olsson

Nasal Breathing Boosts Your Sex Life

Nasal Breathing Boosts Your Sex Life

There is a close connection between the nose and sexual prowess. A stuffy nose, due to polyps, for example, leads to mouth breathing. A study of 29 male participants with nasal polyps found that 34% of them had reduced sexual prowess, compared to 3% for the control group. Once the polyps had been surgically removed, and the participants had begun using nasal breathing again, this figure dropped to 10%.  Read more >>

How to Breathe Outside the Yoga Mat?

How to Breathe Outside the Yoga Mat?

Many feel that yoga helps them to reduce stress and improve their overall health. There’s two main reasons for this: a) the focus on breathing and b) the different postures that many times are aimed at creating open airways and well functioning breathing muscles. But just because we breathe in a certain way during a yoga exercise doesn’t mean that we shall breathe like that in our daily life.  Read more >>

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• CB Instructor Course 27 Aug -  22 Oct 2015  Read more >>

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How to unblock a stuffy nose

How to unblock a stuffy nose?

It’s easy to dismiss a stuffy nose as insignificant, but the consequences are far from insignificant. Our fantastic nose is probably one of the most underrated and neglected organs we have. A stuffy nose should be taken very seriously and action taken so that normal breathing resumes as soon as possible. One of the effects of mouth breathing is that a nose that is not being used stops functioning properly. “If you don’t use it, you lose it”  Read more >>

Eleven-year-old got rid of chest pain and could skip pacemaker

Eleven-year-old got rid of chest pain and could skip pacemaker

My son Arsal, 11, have had problems with his heart beating very fast and severe chest pain since the spring of 2012. In the spring of 2014 the doctor wanted to insert a pacemaker, but thanks to breathing retraining and cutting down on sugar the heart problems disappeared completely and no pacemaker is needed! The pain stopped already the first day and NO pain at all since then, which is now four months ago.  Read more >>