Number 2 - 2015

Hi reader !

My trip to the US with 11 workshops in 10 days and one TV interview was very successful. Feedback such as "Life changing", "I have never experienced this much relaxation in my life" and "I get so calm and relaxed by just listening to you, I could sit here the whole day and just listen." confirms that the need for Conscious Breathing is big !

A great way to learn more about your current breathing habits is to take the breathing test, see below. And if you want to become a Breathing Instructor you'll get 10% discount when signing up before June 30.

-May the force be with you :)

/Anders Olsson

How well do you Breathe? Take the Breathing Test

How well do you Breathe? Take the Test

Learn more about your current breathing habits by answering the 20 questions in the Breathing Index Questionnaire. These questions will help you assess your own breathing and become aware of how well your airways work. Blocked airways, over-breathing, and irregular breathing, are all factors that can cause seemingly unrelated health problems.  Read more >>

Eleven-year-old free of asthma and allergy in 3 weeks!

11-year-old free of asthma and allergy in 3 weeks!

Every morning, my son used to wake up with a blocked nose, despite having taken an allergy pill before going to bed. He needed a cold spray, allergy spray and asthma medicine morning and night. After taping his mouth at night, we noticed the difference already the first morning: no allergy, peppy and rested. After three weeks he was completely medicine-free :) ! We’re so HAPPY!  Read more >>

Conscious Breathing Instructor Course

Conscious Breathing Instructor Course

The Course covers the complete ABC of breathing, providing a deep understanding of the great impact our breathing has on every aspect of our lives – body, mind, emotions and spiritually. Sign up before June 30 and get 10% discount by using the coupon code "breathe15aug" on the checkout page.

• CB Instructor Course 27 Aug -  22 Oct 2015  Read more >>

Discover the Power of Your Breath

Interview: Discover the Power of Your Breath

In this 25 minutes interview Sandie Sedgbeer discuss with Anders Olsson about the importance of good breathing habits and how impaired breathing can lead to poor health, low energy, restless sleep and other health issues. Read more >>

Study: Humming can eliminate sinusitis

Study: Humming can eliminate sinusitis

IImpaired breathing leads to poor air circulation and lower pressure in the nose and sinuses, thus creating an environment beneficial for bacterial growth and inflammations. Humming could then have a positive effect on sinusitis. By humming 60—120 times four times per day, chronic sinusitis symptoms were essentially eliminated in 4 days.  Read more >>