Conscious Breathing

Number 1 - 2017

Hi reader !

On our Breathing Instructor Courses that started in mid January there are 87 participants, so the interest is steadily growing. If you are interested, it is still possible to join.

This newsletter contains info about our Breath Hour event held on February 3rd at 12:00 (noon) local time, to celebrate the World Breathing Day. Also you can read the nice testimonial from Todd Thompson, who at 58 years of age states that "Thanks to the Sleep Tape...I've slept well for the first time perhaps in my life." And finally you can listen to the interview where Jannecke Øinæs from Wisdom of North interviews me.

Success is seldom the result of one giant step, but many, many steps that are repeated over and over again.

/Anders Olsson


To inspire people to improve their daily breathing habits we arrange a 30 minutes free Breath Hour event – Discover the Power of your Breath and become ENERGY SMART at 12:00 (noon) on the World Breathing Day February 3rd. We begin with talking a bit about how improved breathing habits can make you become more energy smart and then we finish off with a breathing and relaxation exercise – Coming Home. It is a perfect opportunity to participate in the event at your workplace, at school, or at home in order to get a moment of recovery and relaxation.  Sign up for the webinar here >>


This kind of feedback is the reason why I LOVE my job sooo much:

-Dearest Anders, although I suspect that you've heard the following account many time, I must share the impact that your sleep tape has had on my quality of life.

I'm 58 years old and was diagnosed with apnea about 6 years ago at which time I was given a CPAP machine. It was effective for about a year at which time I simply abandoned it.

After using the tape for 5 days that you so generously sent my wife Cari last week I've slept well for the first time perhaps in my life.

I was told by the clinicians that my apnea was due in part to my physiology and I have wondered if that is why I:
1. Would get sleepy before everyone else since I was 12
2. Fall asleep driving (One head on collision that injured me and another person)
3. Often have to pull behind gas stations to take a nap just to make it home
4. Wake up choking from having stopped breathing at night
5. Have trouble staying alert at my job
6. Developed Follicular Lymphoma

Anyway Anders, I've prayed for years for an answer as I secretly worry about the impact on my health as I get older and I thank you for doing all you've done and enduring anything you've had to endure to bring this miracle to my and others life.

Your forever friend, Todd Thompson

Wisdom From North: How changing our breathing can change our life

Jannecke Øinæs interviews Anders Olsson in her YouTube channel Wisdom From North. The interview is about forty minutes. Jannecke made here debut on stage as a seven year old in Les Miserables and ever since she has been working as an actress, singer and musical artist in Norway and USA. In 2012 she fulfilled her dream of working with what inspires her the most; sharing conversations online about the mysteries of life. Jannecke has made over 300 interviews, with more than 2,5 million views, from royals to eminent and rethinking scientists.  Read more >>