Number 4 - 2020


  1. Vascular surgeon - The importance of good breathing for our health can't be emphasized enough
  2. Testimonial - I have never recovered from the flu so quickly
  3. The Breath Minute - We breathe together during The Breath Minute
  4. Book release - Nobody I've met knows more about breathing than Anders Olsson
  5. Testimonial - Cancer survivor gives her five top corona tips
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In this issue of BreathingNEWS you can read about Kerstin Larssons nice testimonial about how good breathing helped her recover from the flu. She also needs two hours less sleep per night. And Maria Barat, who was diagnosed with lung cancer 10 years ago, shares her story of how she recovered from covid19.

And not to forget, The Breath Minute on Monday June 1st 5:30pm - 6:00pm CEST (Central European Summer Time Zone). You are more than welcome to join this free event where we breathe together and think kind thoughts about each other. You may connect on Facebook Live or Youtube Live. More info and sign up for the event >>

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Take care and remember to close your mouth and breathe slow, low, small and rhythmical as often as possible 😊
Breathe Better and Get Quality Sleep

Breathe Better and Get Quality Sleep

When it comes to health advice a lot of people pay extra attention to advice from doctors. So if you haven't already tried taping your mouth at night, maybe the inspiring words from Rikard Karlsson, a vascular surgeon, will get you to try. In the article Breathe Better and Get Quality Sleep I bring up:

Impaired breathing affects your weight
When the alarm clock goes off in the morning, we awaken, unfortunately, not only ourselves but also our inner stress, since our body and our brain are not fully rested
In the autumn of 2018 I participated in a groundbreaking breathing study at Stanford University, USA, where mouth breathing led to significantly impaired sleep
The brain’s cleaning squad is called in when we sleep
A good nights sleep is essential for memory and learning
Close connection between snoring and sleep apnea and impaired breathing

    I have never recovered from the flu so quickly

    I have never recovered from the flu so quickly

    "In recent years, I have suffered from pneumonia three times. The last time I was so sick that I almost died. I was hospitalized and treated with oxygen. This time, I had been doing breathing retraining for 28 days in prior to being sick and have never recovered so quickly.

    The breathing retraining has lowered my resting heart rate, and my breathing is slower. My need for sleep has decreased from 9-10 hours to 7-8 hours, so I gain a full 2 hours a day by breathing better! Although I sleep less, I feel more alert and have more energy, so I get more done and have been able to see more friends. I have clearly gotten a higher quality of life."
    The Breath Minute June 1

    The Breath Minute June 1

    On June 1st it's again time for the Breath Minute at 5:30pm-6:00pm CEST (Central European Summer Time Zone). You connect via your computer, iPad, tablet computer, laptop or mobile to Facebook Live or Youtube Live.

    By breathing together during the Breath Minute and thinking kind thoughts about ourselves, others and Conscious Breathing, we create a greater love for ourselves, stronger bonds with others and at the same time contribute to the fact that Conscious Breathing becomes an increasingly stronger signal that attracts more people that are in need of this simple yet powerful tool.
    Nobody I've met knows more about breathing than Anders Olsson

    Nobody I've met knows more about breathing than Anders Olsson

    After three years of intense writing and researching James Nestors book Breath - The New Science of a Lost Art is recently published. The text is easily accessible, descriptive and the writing style is funny and I'm convinced that the book will have a big impact, increasing the growing interest for breathing as a way to improve the quality of our lives even further. Even though the information in the book is new to a lot of people, even doctors, it is fully backed up by science with over 500 scientific references.

    In 2009 I decided to become the leading breathing expert in the world. In all humility I think I still have a long way to go, however as I'm mentioned in the book quite a lot, it confirms that I'm moving in the right direction. Since I know the enormous amount of efforts that have James have put into the book and all the knowleadgeable people he's interviewed, his comment feels like a nice acknowledgment - "Nobody I've met knows more about breathing than you."

    Here is an interview well worth listening to, where my colleague Steven Scott discuss with James about the book and breathing.
    My Five Top Corona Tips

    My Five Top Corona Tips

    "Ten years ago, at the age of 29 and with a three month old daughter, I was diagnosed with lung cancer. A tumor the size of a tennis ball in my right lung. It felt like being given a death sentence and in a state of shock. One year later the cancer had metastasized to the skeleton, brain and other parts of the lungs.

    Recently I got covid19, which I'm now starting to feel fully recovered from. I was sick for three weeks, one week in hospital, five nights with oxygen, intravenous antibiotics and one blood transfusion.

    When I get sick I tend to feel a lot of fear so my main focus is on calming the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight response) and activating the parasympathetic nervous system (the rest and digest system) so my body can focus on healing and not getting caught up in stress, fear and panic. Read more about my top five corona tips."
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