Number 1 - 2019


  1. Testimonial - From powerless zombie to lots of energy and vitality
  2. Lecture at Arizona State University - Discover The Power of Your Breath
  3. Course - A New Conscious Breathing Instructor Course starts on August 15th
  4. Testimonial - After 50 bouts of pneumonia, one of my lungs was like a raisin. Now it works perfectly!
  5. Article - Breathe Less - Live Longer

Hi !

In this issue of BreathingNEWS you can read two powerful testimonials of what improved breathing habits can do for your health; Lisbeth who went from a powerless zombie to lots of energy and Anne-Lee who, at the age of 45, where able to straighten out her back and grow 5 centimeters.

You'll also find an article about the carbon dioxide tolerance theory of ageing. Slow breathing and/or high tolerance for CO2 seems to be a common denominator for species that live very long.

And if you haven't had a chance to attend one of my breathing workshops yet, you may be interested in watching a recording of my guest lecture at Arizona State University.

  • On June 14th I'm giving a speech at the 8th World Congress on Mind Training for Excellence in Sport & Life. More info >>
  • On June 25th I'm giving a session in BreathIntegration - Body, Mind Breath, in Sevenoaks, Kent, United Kingdom. 6:30-7:30pm, followed by an open discussion about breathing and consciousness with myself and Bill Ayling. For more information e-mail [email protected]
  • A new Conscious Breathing Instructor Course starts on August 15th. So far almost 900 people have taken the course. Read the feedback from previous participants >>
Breathe well and be well :)
From powerless zombie to lots of energy and vitality

From Powerless Zombie to Lots of Energy and Vitality

"I am grateful from the bottom of my heart that I found out about Conscious Breathing. I have had issues with my sinuses since I was a child and have struggled with nasal congestion my whole life. I have had many, many sinusitis through the years, taking nasal spray and cortisone.

I've always been powerless. Have had zero energy but fought my way through the years, bitten the bullet and carried on. It just got worse and in the last ten years I have been so tired that I just sunk, without any energy to do anything. I have been like a zombie.

When I woke up before I was always sour and crank. No one in my family dared to talk to me in the morning. Now I have this wonderful feeling when I wake up in the morning, full of energy. And I don’t even need my morning coffee anymore."
Lecture at Arizona State University: Discover the Power of Your Breath

Lecture at Arizona State University, USA

Anders Olsson was invited to Arizona State University to give a guest lecture at the Stress Management Course. This recording is from the lecture held in October 2018. In the lecture Anders shares his view of what happens in our body when we breathe and goes through six reasons why Conscious Breathing is so important:
  • Get more energy
  • Better sleep
  • Better sports performance
  • Improve digestion
  • Calm down a racing mind
  • Reduce fear and worry
Conscious Breathing Instructor Course

Conscious Breathing Instructor Course

On August 15th a new course of our popular Conscious Breathing Instructor Course starts. The course comprises four modules divided into twelve 2-hour lessons. The four modules are:
  1. Breathing retraining, breathing physiology and coaching
  2. Breathing, personal growth and learning
  3. Breathing during physical activity, posture, movements
  4. Breathing related health issues
On the course you learn to understand the difference between good and poor breathing habits and get powerful, yet easy-to-use tools to help both yourself as well as your clients to improve their breathing, resulting in increased health, energy and harmony.

Since the start in 2011 almost 900 people have taken the course. It is very popular amongst counselors, therapists in alternative medicine, sports coaches, success coaches, psychologists, massage therapists, yoga instructors, voice coaches, nurses, physiotherapists, doctors and other health care staff. Also people with their own health issues will benefit from taking the course.
After 50 bouts of pneumonia, one of my lungs was like a raisin. Now it works perfectly!

After 50 bouts of pneumonia, one of my lungs was like a raisin. Now it works perfectly!

"I got pneumonia for the first time when I was three weeks old. By the time I was 18, I had taken about 100 rounds of penicillin and had had pneumonia about 50 times. Add to that a large number of ear infections, tonsillitis and bronchitis…

I’m sure I will never ever get pneumonia again, now that I have learned to breathe correctly. And the Relaxator is absolutely amazing.

If anyone had told me I would grow five centimeters and get a straight back in a few months I would have laughed in their face. My back looked like an “S.” But, at the age of 45, just because I learned to breathe correctly, I grew five centimeters in nine months."
Breathe Less – Live Longer: The Carbon Dioxide Tolerance Theory of Ageing

Breathe Less – Live Longer: The Carbon Dioxide Tolerance Theory of Ageing

The oxidative stress, or the rate of living, theory of ageing suggests that a lower metabolic rate means longer life span and higher metabolic rate means a shorter life span, i.e. “live fast, die young”. This holds in most cases, since larger animals in general have a low metabolic rate and tend to live longer than smaller animals with a corresponding higher metabolic rate.

An elephant for example can live up to 80 years. Since it has a slow metabolism, the elephant heart beats roughly the same number of beats as the heart of a mouse. The mouse however, with a much faster metabolism, "uses up" it's heart beats in only 2-3 years.

However, since there are many exceptions from the "live fast, die young"-theory it tells us that it is incomplete. This article looks at ageing from a breathing perspective and suggest that the tolerance for carbon dioxide is a major factor determining the life span.
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